Network of specialists

We are supported in our daily work by a strong network of Associate Experts and a big selection of experts brought together in the Wetlands International - IUCN Specialist Groups.

Associate Experts

These are experts that we work with in implementing our field work, do research or develop proposals.

Specialist Groups

Specialist Groups are networks of expert scientists who provide information and advice in support of Wetlands International's programmes and projects. The Specialist Groups are coordinated by Chairs elected by the Groups and supported by its members.

There are currently 17 active Specialist Groups; 14 covering waterbird taxa, one on waterbird harvest issues, one on freshwater fish, and a thematic group on wetland restoration issues. Overall our Specialist Group network involves over 2,000 people. The network of Specialist Groups is a vital part of Wetlands International, essential for the delivery of wetland and wetland species expertise in support of wetland conservation globally.

Coordination with IUCN SSC

The Waterbird Specialist Groups are operated as a 'Waterbird Network' jointly with IUCN - Species Survival Commission and are referred to as "Wetlands International - IUCN SSC Specialist Groups". In addition, the Freshwater Fish Specialist Group is jointly coordinated with the IUCN SSC. IUCN Species Survival Commission co-ordinates a wide range of other Specialist Groups apart from the ones shared with Wetlands International, covering different animal and plant taxa and themes. More information on their website.

Coordination Support

At Wetlands International, the Specialist Groups are supported by Taej Mundkur, (+31318-660910).


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News from our Specialist Groups

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