Network, donors & partners

In numbers of staff (150), we are small for a global organisation. The impact of our work is magnified thanks to the many partners who support us and welcome our information, experiences and views for their own activities. 

Specialist networks

Knowledge about the world’s wetlands and their services is a major strength of our organisation. Partly thanks to a network of specialist groups and individual associate experts, we are able to mobilise and deliver the most up to date, best available knowledge on the wetlands issues we work on.


Wetlands International receives its financial means largely from a range of national and international donors who believe in our work.


For much of our advocacy work, field level wetland work and research work, we join forces with other non-governmental organisations for greater impact. For similar reasons, Wetlands International works with the private sector and has a collaborative agreement with Shell.

We also have official partnership relations with global intergovernmental Conventions such as the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, and the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS). Our role is to support these conventions with data on wetlands and migratory waterbirds, enabling governments to make informed decisions at these global fora. 

Our Partnership Policy Statement clarifys our partnership principles, what we consider as partnerships, what we have to offer in partnerships and what it means to be a Wetlands International partner.


Ramsar Partnership

Company Engagement