Our organisation

Wetlands International is the only global non-governmental organisation (NGO) dedicated to wetlands. We are a global not-for-profit with a history of more than half a century. We work via our 16 offices, our partners and experts. Most of our work is financed on a project basis by governments and private donors. We are also supported by government and NGO membership.

A global organisation

We have a staff of approximately 150 people working in our network of offices in Europe, Africa, South, East and North Asia, Oceania, and Latin America. Our headquarters is based in the Netherlands. All of our offices contribute to develop and implement our global Strategy and work to achieve its global targets. 

A network organisation

While we are small for a global organisation, we achieve a lot by working via our network of partners and experts. Thousands of experts assist our work on monitoring wetlands and other resources. In addition, we work closely with a wide range of partners: other NGOs, scientific institutes, public bodies and companies. Read more


Our Management Board is responsible for daily management which the Supervisory Council oversees. Government and NGO representatives form the Association of Members which approves the strategy and budget, and appoints the Management Board. Several offices are separate legal entities, registered in their country of operation, with their own governance structure. Read more

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