Become a Member

Our members are national governments and NGO’s who share and support our goals, engage with us on technical and policy issues. Our work is globally relevant and touches more than 100 countries. We would like to build our member relationships to reflect this.

For the current list please see: Members of Wetlands International

What is the role of our Members?

Members engage with us on issues and initiatives of common interest – including for example policy agendas, wetland assessments, science and facilitating practical action. They are consulted on and formally adopt our Strategy to which the organisation is accountable, as well as the Association’s annual plans and report. Members contribute to the organisation with annual dues. The General Members Meeting decides on the membership policy and dues. Countries and NGOs are represented by one or two member delegates, who are the contact points for the government or organisation.

 "The work being done in collaboration with Wetlands International, {...}, contributes to improve knowledge about wetlands and the ecosystem services they provide, as a key tool for their management " - Antonio de Nichilo, Coordinator Working Group on Water Resources, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Argentina 

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