50 Years of the International Waterbird Census - Let’s Make it Count!

The first internationally coordinated waterbird count was organised in January 1967. Now entering its 50th year, the International Waterbird Census (IWC) has become a vital source of information for the conservation and management of wetlands and waterbirds around the world. This is the story of one of the world’s most important and valuable monitoring programmes. We invite you to participate and support this work.

On this webpage you can find material on joining and promoting the IWC50 campaign: “Let’s make it count”. The page consists of the following elements:

Getting Involved

Everybody is connected to nature, everybody can be involved in this campaign! On these page we provide ideas on how you can get involved - from individuals interested in nature to coordinators, governments and businesses. Don't forget to tell us about your activities! Use the hashtags #IWC50 and #waterbirdscount on social media (see below for more tips!) or send us a message (iwc@wetlands.org).

How to use the IWC50 logo


We developed the logo to promote the campaign. Every organisation that wants to participate in the census or related activities can use the logo. You can use it in newsletters, on websites, under your email, and even on T-shirts. Anything goes. Unlike a corporate logo, you can use this ‘stamp’ in anyway you like. Download it here.




Send out a press release

We have produced a press release on the campaign, click here. You can use it to inform your local press or use it as a basis for your own press release. You can add details on some local activities, issues or anything else if you like.


Writing Blogs

Blogs are regular, informal updates which often tell a story from a personal perspective.They should be accessible to everyone -that means no technical terms if you can avoid it and no acronyms! Usually blogs are posted through an organisations website, but it is also possible to post blogs through facebook.Photos are a great way to catch people's attention. Above all, write about something that inspires you - your work, a particular species or a special site. This will help inspire others! We have prepared some example blogs which you can use as guidance - click on the links in the menu.

Use of social media

You may already use twitter, facebook or other social meda that’s popular in your region. You can use your social media to promote the campaign:

You can use examples of tweets on this website to promote the campaign, using your own social media accounts

You can send out your own tweets, using the hashtags #waterbirdscount and #IWC50. By using these hashtags it is easier for others to find and share your posts 

You can share pictures and blogs about the counts  and other events in your region. Do you need tips and tricks on social media? Click here



You can create your own newsletter, using mailchimp. You can use this example. Choose the parts you like, add your own news and adjust the newsletter for your own use.