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Millions of waterbirds are now on their annual northward migration, covering hundreds of kilometres a day in the race to reach breeding grounds. Throughout their range, many species are facing threats as the wetlands they depend upon are transformed or disappear through human activity.

Wetlands International brings our ecosystem-based expertise to the places that need it most, to support these annual migrations. Along with companies, governments, local communities and people like you, we safeguard and restore wetlands for people and nature. Will you help? 

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Become a Donor

As a donor you can choose to support a specific project or programme in the field of conservation and wise use of wetlands.  Most of our work is currently financed on a project basis by governments, NGOs, corporates and foundations worldwide. See our list of current donors. 

Featured donor:
Wetlands International’s work is relevant to the targets of our donors, such as the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad). Wetlands ecosystems like the peatlands in Indonesia and Malaysia are critical carbon stores, and their degradation has consequences – not only for climate change, but also because of the little known or understood subsidence issue that could cause catastrophic human, environmental and economic losses in the coming decade. 

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By sponsoring a specific activity or event, either financial or in kind, you contribute to reaching out about the importance of wetlands for people and nature and we provide you the recognition for supporting our work.

For example Shell, Heineken and No Such Company supported Wetlands International’s World Wetlands Day celebration on 3 February 2014, where our new Wetlands International visual identity was launched. The successful event, attended by participants from corporate, government, non-profit and knowledge institutes, showcased why wetlands matter to us all. It was a good opportunity for sponsors to show they care too!

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Become a Supporter

By becoming a supporter of Wetlands International you can help us to continue to safeguard and restore wetlands for people and nature!

Wetlands International has ANBI status which means that donations are tax-deductible in the Netherlands, and throughout the Euro zone (SEPA). If you would like more information, please contact us at

Featured supporter:
I support Wetlands International's efforts to address a wide range of environmental issues, so relevant in this period of global climate change – Peter J. Severud, Cooperstown, New York, USA.