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Join hundreds of members, partners, donors, supporters and sponsors of Wetlands International to safeguard and restore wetlands for people and nature!

Why get involved?

Despite their overwhelming values, wetlands are the most highly threatened ecosystems on the planet, while they are also the most important in supporting life. Healthy wetlands store and filter water and   buffer communities from the worst impacts of floods and droughts. They store huge amounts of carbon and provide some essential food staples like rice and fish, as well as habitats for a remarkable number of plants and animals. That’s why wetlands matter and why we need your help to safeguard and restore them!

How to get involved?

National governments and NGOs can join Wetlands International as a member and become a donor.

Individuals can get involved by supporting us through a financial donation, by working as a volunteer, by joining one of our specialist groups, by becoming an associate expert, an intern, or a colleague. You can also help us to spread the word by following us and sharing our stories on social media!  

Companies can become partners, supporters and sponsors