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22-Mar-2016, views: 1454

1.2 billion people live in areas where water is physically scarce and 2.7 billion people - 40% of the world's population - suffer water shortages for at least one month each year. 22 March is World Water Day, an international day to inspire action to tackle these issues. We're calling on civil society, governments and the private sector to take action for wetlands to help secure water for all.

16-Mar-2016, views: 2037

High concept, low-tech solutions, with major social impact

The programme in Northern Java to stop coastal erosion through Building with Nature has won the annual award yesterday for innovative engineering solutions in the Netherlands. The programme was submitted by Witteveen+Bos, because the programme uses low cost techniques with high impact for people and nature. On behalf of the project, dr. ir. Rob Nieuwkamer from Witteveen+Bos, received the award, in the presence of Princess Beatrix and Princess Mabel and many prominent people from the engineering world.

01-Mar-2016, views: 2533

Semarang, March 1, 2016 - Today, it is a year ago that Dutch and Indonesian partners began the restoration of the severely eroding coast in Demak and Semarang in Northern Java through Building with Nature methods, an approach that is rapidly gaining in popularity. The first results show that some areas are starting to recover as a result of the placement of sediment-permeable dams in October and November 2015. 

29-Feb-2016, views: 1850

Dutch Magazine De Ingenieur published an article about our Mangrove Restoration project in Indonesia. In Indonesia, the Northern Java- Coast erodes rapidly amongst others because mangrove forests have been logged to make place for fish farms. 

26-Feb-2016, views: 1527

European River Symposium 2016: Best Practices in River Basin Management - Building sustainable partnerships, 2-4 March, Vienna, Austria 

17-Feb-2016, views: 1592

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development, together with UNEP, and in collaboration with Wetlands International, Arcadis and Shell, has developed a 1-day Training Course on Natural Infrastructure for Business.

16-Feb-2016, views: 1620

Our ‘Building with Nature project to stop coastal erosion in North Java’ is nominated for the Dutch annual prize called ‘De Vernufteling’, which is awarded to the consultancy or engineering company that submits the most innovative project.

04-Feb-2016, views: 2860

Bregje van Wesenbeeck, Deltares, reporting from Demak, Indonesia

“She must be really good at writing” the villagers are whispering behind my back. I am sitting on a small bamboo platform, used for fishing, with my notebook on my lap to write down the sedimentation rates behind our permeable dams. The four guys of the team are wrestling through the mud and shout the values to me: “5 centimetres of sedimentation behind our dam”, “45 centimetres here”, “erosion in the control plot”. 

03-Feb-2016, views: 1878

Wetlands International is happy to announce that Applications are now open for the 'Second training course on mangrove ecosystems of the Western Indian Ocean region'. The 10-day training is held at the Centre of Marine Sciences, Moana, University of Nairobi Diani, Kenya, from 17 – 28th  May 2016. Deadline for applications: 6 March 2016.

02-Feb-2016, views: 3311

The precipitous loss of wetlands and freshwater biodiversity over the last decades has been widely reported – and alongside this, many organisations, including Wetlands International, point to the urgent need to give greater emphasis to protecting and better managing wetlands and especially freshwater ecosystems. What will it take to turn the trends for wetlands around?

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