Waterbirds are a diverse group of wetland dependent bird species. They are extremely important both from a conservation and recreational point of view. Most of these species have adapted to the drastically changing conditions of wetlands through their migratory behaviour. 

Many waterbirds complete annual migrations of several thousands of kilometres between their breeding and non-breeding areas, passing many country borders and even between continents. These migration routes are called flyways. Waterbird conservation and sustainable management requires coordinated actions throughout the length of a flyway.

What we do

We conserve waterbirds by:

  • Collecting and analysing data on the sizes and trends of waterbird populations. This knowledge is used to inform decision-makers in national governments and international bodies (e.g. United Nations) on conservation and management of populations and key wetland sites. Read more
  • Promoting joint actions under various international conventions and other instruments at flyway level. Read more
  • Advocating best practices in response to certain threats such as the avian influenza and other diseases. Read more
  • Awareness raising to engage the public in waterbird and wetland conservation. Read more

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